Recycling.  Reconstructing. Re-purposing. Regenerating. Rekhon

House Ikhonic: A pro in reconstructing vintage clothing and jewelry into new clothing and jewelry designs, Khon Ikhonic has created amazing one of a kind designs for various celebrities, artist around the country, fashion esta's as well as a buying community looking for that one of a kind item for their wardrobe. Khon Ikhonic has become a  local celebrity as he has headlined fashion shows through out the world.

House Ikhonic number one mission is to give back by preserving the integrity of fashion design concepts and development in merchandise, production/manufacturing wholesale and retail disclaimer.

 The process Rekhon is a tool that will be used to create clothing accessories by the deconstructing and reconstructing of recyclable material that will regenerate and re-purpose fashion used to produce and promote sellable merchandise. Khon Ikhonic is known for creating a fashion movement and creative design process he invented called Rekhon. There is an abundance amount of yesteryears fashion has little-perceived value, by deconstruction of fabric features pattern and hardware from reusing old products it transforms into new product separately it becomes usable material for tomorrow's -fashion.

This method he created is Rekhon.

House Ikhonic Fashion LLC 2012

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